Why Attend?

In response to feedback from our community of life science and technology executives and experts as well as comprehensive research amongst our Board of Advisors, Decode: AI for Pharmaceutical Executives was launched to fill a gap in the conference landscape for a platform that truly combines technology innovation with the needs and business goals of the pharmaceutical industry.

Decode: AI for Pharmaceutical Executives is a unique forum that goes beyond the hype of AI to explore exactly what problems can and have been solved through the implementation of AI, and goes on to present use cases, expert insights and the network of partners that are essential to effectively implement these AI tools for your desired business goals.

  • Dissect the Hype of AI & Translate for your Needs
  • Hear AI Use Cases & Real-World Evidence from your Peers
  • Gain Tools to Become a Data-Driven & Patient-Centric Organization
  • Transition AI from Ideation to Project to Scale for True Value
  • Improve Efficiencies & Commercialize AI
  • Secure Talent & Optimal Organizational Structures & Mindsets